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No. 6-December 1995
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Laurent ClercIn Search of Laurent Clerc, or: Never Underestimate the French Femmes!/À la recherche de Laurent Clerc (Ne sous-estimez jamais les femmes françaises!), by Peggie Parsons

Laurent Clerc's birthplace: a guide for travelers/Le lieu de naissance de Laurent Clerc: un guide pour voyageurs, adapted from Bernard Truffaut's Cahiers de L'Histoire des Sourds; translated by Patrick Seamans

A modern-day Russian revolutionary (the assassination of Igor Abramov), by Peggie Parsons

HPO: Why are deaf people so nosy?

Beyond the Envelope: Snake-oil ASL teachers

Readers' Responses: Do you feel that there's enough HIV/AIDS education for Deaf people?

Faxview: Would you be eager to buy a product that uses ASL and Deaf people in its commercials?

Changes: Gallaudet closes NCLD; NAD recalls LDF

Laurent Clerc . . . in his own words

Vive Laurent Clerc!-in France/While on the Way to Clerc's Birthplace, by Peggie Parsons

Laurent Clerc is featured in Deaf Life Press’s book, Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition. It makes a terrific gift for a friend, relative, or yourself! Order a copy

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