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#066 December 1993

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The Heat’s On in Southwest Texas (Richard E. Garbacz, an experienced and qualified ASL instructor, is replaced by a less-qualified, less-experienced hearing teacher)

Atlantic Monthly readers respond: a special letters feature (Responses to Edward Dolnick’s “Deafness as Culture”)

HPO: Is it polite for a hearing family or group to talk among themselves when there’s a deaf person there? Is it okay for a deaf guest to read a book at the table?

Signs of the Month: Animals, part 2

Readers’ Responses: Do you feel that the Deaf community tries to “steal” deaf children from their hearing parents?

Faxview: If there are qualified deaf and hearing applicants for an ASL-teaching position, should deaf get preference?

Take the Money and Run: a hearing agency director who robbed her deaf clients gets caught-and jailed

SWT Update: The View from Austin, by Abraham Levy/The Daily Texan