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#068 February 1994

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“DEAF CHILD” signs: blessing or blunder? Includes (1) “Deaf Child” sign raises ruckus in Pierce County, by John Burge/DIFFERENT Times;” (2) responses by Mary J. Thornley, et al.

The Puzzling Case of Bay Be Huynh, by Brad Shannon/The Olympian (adaptation)

HPO: If two Deaf people are having a signed conversation, is it OK for a hearing person to walk between them?

Signs of the Month: Animals, part 3

Readers’ Responses: If there are qualified deaf and hearing applicants for an ASL-teaching position, should deaf get preference?

Faxview: Do you support “DEAF CHILD” signs?

Questions Raised by NTID Audit, by John Machacek/Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

The View from the Jury Box, by Marilyn Covey/Tyler Courier-Times-Telegraph

Caption Report: Spotlight on AnimEigo Inc.