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#069 March 1994

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The “Northridge” Earthquake and how deaf people coped: an exclusive eyewitness report, by Rob Arnold

HPO: “If there’s a hearing person with minimal or no signing skills in a group of deaf individuals who all are skilled signers, should they write notes back and forth?”-asked by Gary Crawford

Signs of the Month: Animals, part 4

Readers’ Responses: Should we establish a separate “Deaf prison” instead of putting deaf prisoners with hearing ones?

Faxview: Should deaf people be allowed to drive commercial vehicles such as trucks, vans, and school buses (for a living)?

And how do you spell “S-T-U-N-G”? by David Fleming/Peoria Journal Star

Bringing justice to court (Robert Avraham’s lawsuit); A long-fought victory in Massachusetts (ASL recognition)

Caption Report: Spotlight on Walt Disney Home Video