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#071 May 1994

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Exposé: Is the Veterinary/Pet Industry Ignoring the Deaf Community? by Lair Scott

Deafness: Defect or Culture? An interview with Johns Hopkins bioengineer Moise Goldstein, by Leonard Laster/MD Magazine “

HPO: Are Deaf people more prone to AIDS and other diseases because they don’t understand how to protect themselves?

Signs of the Month: Animals, part 6

Readers’ Responses: Should deaf people be allowed to drive commercial vehicles such as trucks, vans, and school buses (for a living)?

Faxview: 1. Do you know any Deaf person who wanted to become a veterinarian but gave up on it? 2. Have veterinary/pet services been easily accessible to you?

GUAA’s Feast of Honors


Caption Report: Spotlight on Hemdale Home Video