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#073 July 1994

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The enduring legacy of William and Eliza Willard: Indiana School for the Deaf celebrates its sesquicentennial

HPO: Do deaf people face discrimination, and how often?-asked by Elizabeth Brietkrietz

Signs of the Month: Animals, part 8

A Few More Words: Being THERE is not the same as being IN there, by Martina Milan

Readers’ Responses: 1. Do you know any Deaf person who wanted to become a veterinarian but gave up on it? 2. Have veterinary/pet services been easily accessible to you?

Faxview: Have you personally experienced discrimination because you’re deaf?

Another Shakeup at Lexington

Frustration in Florida

“Total Inclusion”: how one family responded to the threat (letters from the Kerek family)

“Beautiful Memories”: the adventures of three Deaf students from Maine at the International VSA Festival

Caption Report: Spotlight on New Line Home Video