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#075 September 1994

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Taking a Stand Against “the Madness of Inclusion:” A School Counselor’s Journal, by “Carrie Davis Starr”

Deaf People and the World of Work, by Gerald G. Walter

HPO: How do deaf people get each other’s attention if they can’t yell?

Signs of the Month: Insects, part 1

Book Review: Meeting Halfway in American Sign Language, by Bernard Bragg and Jack R. Olson, reviewed by Lawrence Newman

Readers’ Responses: Have you personally experienced discrimination because you’re deaf?

Faxview: Should movie theaters charge deaf people half-price for uncaptioned movies?

Joseph Kolash versus the traffic cops, by Cathy Woodruff/Schenectady Daily Gazette

Update: Clerc Memorial Project

Caption Report: Spotlight on Cabin Fever Entertainment