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#082 April 1995

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Silence, Signs, and Wonders, by Peter Radetsky/Discover “

Out of the Mouths-and Hands-of Babes, by David J. Fishman/Discover

HPO: What exactly is the interpreter’s role? Who does the hiring? Who pays?

A Few More Words: Heather, Tommy, and Me, by Jamie Lowy Berke

Readers’ Responses: Are oral deaf people more successful than ASL-Deaf?

Faxview: Do you trust the police/your local law-enforcement agency?

“I refuse to be victimized” (The Paul McComb case), by Marge Klugman/GLAD News, et al.


Relay services: economics and ethics, by Ed Bosson

Caption Report: Spotlight on educational and special-interest companies with captioned titles (e.g., Informed Democracy)