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#083 May 1995

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“Service Above Self”: a Canadian tribute to the late David Peikoff, by Dr. Clifton F. Carbin

Lessons in the Signs: Researchers explore the world of the deaf to study the evolution of language, by David H. Wheeler/Chronicle of Higher Education

HPO: I plan to hire interpreters for my deaf employees. What are the do’s and don’ts? What do I need to know?

A Few More Words: Yes, there is life after burnout! by Dorothy Hammond

Readers’ Responses: Do you support infant hearing screening?

Faxview: Should deaf drivers have “Handicapped” parking-space permits?

“Excessive Force”: An update on the McComb case-and some notes on slanted coverage

A Marcel Marceau of sign language (Melvin Garcia), by Jerry Taylor/Boston Sunday Globe

Oh, No! Not Again!

Caption Report: Spotlight on HBO

David Peikoff is featured in Deaf Life Press’s book, Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition. It makes a terrific gift for a friend, relative, or yourself!