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#084 June 1995

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The ordeal of Benita Venegas, by Paul Rubin/Phoenix New Times “

HPO: “If I take one or two sign-language classes, will that make me a qualified interpreter?”-asked by Holly Roth

Beyond the Envelope, by Michele Listisard: Implanting: a conflict of values (first installment)

A Few More Words: “Easy English” instead of “normal English”-please! by Jeff and Heloise Hinds

Readers’ Responses: Do you trust the police/your local law-enforcement agency?

Faxview: Deaf service providers: have you (or someone you know) been replaced or demoted by a hearing interpreter?

The Day a Deaf Pilot Got Grounded;

In grief and anger (Penny Blum’s hospital lawsuit)

Oh, No! Not Again!

Poem: “No Silence,” by Anni Johnson