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#092 February 1996

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The Adventures of Martin L.A. Sternberg: Communications Pioneer, Scholar, Actor, and Jaguar Man

Torn Between Two Worlds: Confusing options in early education lead to hard choices for parents, by Zsuzsi Gartner/Georgia Straight, part 2

HPO: Why does the younger generation of deaf people have such poor manners compared to the older generations?

Readers’ Responses: Would you be eager to buy a product that uses ASL and Deaf people in its commercials?

Faxview: Should hospitals limit their options for interpreting contracts to only one interpreter-referral agency in a community where more agencies exist?

Windfall! Olive Swindells’ surprise $3 million bequest to Gallaudet University

Stephen Michael Ryan’s unexpected death

Review: The American Sign Language Dictionary on CD-ROM, based on the book by Martin L.A. Sternberg, reviewed by Helen Meador

Oh, No! Not Again!

Poem: “The Beginning,” by Maria Grace Okwara