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#093 March 1996

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“We are not a quiet agency”: Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services of Seattle celebrates its 10th anniversary

It’s challenging. It’s fun. It’s rewarding. It’s . . . science! (AESOP Project), by Harry G. Lang and John Albertini

HPO: What are some of the difficulties faced by Deaf people in mainstreamed support groups?

Beyond the Envelope: Adjust your TV set

A Few More Words: Taking the easy way out-and paying a heavy price, by Paulette R. Caswell

Readers’ Responses: Are Gallaudet and NTID doing a good job of teaching English to Deaf students?

Faxview: Are you satisfied with your mainstream education/experience?

“We’re trying to preserve the options” (Deaf Child’s Bill of Rights approved by Colorado House Education Committee)

Junius Wilson case: updates

Captionwatch: The People versus Chicago Tribune, by Lowell Myers

Poem: “Solitude,” by Seyed M. Ahari