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#095 May 1996

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Our English Headache: the debate over Deaf college students’ literacy heats up (with contributions/reprints by Lew Golan, Dr. I. King Jordan, Terry Coye, and Ben Gose)

Working Women 2005: Where Will Deaf Women Be? by Janet MacLeod-Gallinger

HPO: Can deaf people be pilots?

Up Periscope! Siren’s Squawk?

Beyond the Envelope: Dialogue with Golan,
Part I

Readers’ Responses: Are you satisfied with your mainstream education/experience?

Faxview: Which method is best for teaching English to profoundly deaf children: Speech (oral/auditory), ASL, Signed English?

Shakeup at Central Institute for the Deaf

In Memoriam Bob Alcorn; Cause for celebration in Colorado

Captionwatch: The current state of affairs; Target list of video companies (with Stuart Gopen’s ratings)

Oh, No! Not Again!

Diamante: Poetry without pain-a hands-on adventure in writing, by Sal Parlato, Jr.