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#096 June 1996

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Eviction Notice: How a community fought to save its prized deaf program (Manhattan Beach, California)

Bob Alcorn’s dream lives on, by Jerry Hassell

HPO: Why is employment for deaf people limited? (8th D. Sampley question)

Sign-language-communication skills: assessment, development, & benefits, by Frank Caccamise and Bill Newell

A Few More Words: “It is clear that ASL/English bilingual education CAN work!” by Donald A. Grushkin

Beyond the Envelope: Dialogue with Golan,
Part II

Readers’ Responses: Do you agree that deaf people aren’t qualified to be lifeguards since they can’t hear “distress signals”?

Faxview: Do you think that Senator Bob Dole, who opposes multi-lingual education, will hurt the Deaf community if he becomes President?

“I will endeavor to do my best”: Dr. Robert Davila becomes NTID’s first deaf director. The response is overwhelmingly enthusiastic, even joyful.

Terminated: Four Gallaudet teachers file a $10 million lawsuit; In Memoriam Alan B. Crammatte