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#098 August 1996

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Ernie Hairston celebrates 25 years with the U.S. Department of Education

Why should I hire a teacher of the deaf? (and 12 characteristics that make for a good one), by B. Luetke-Stahlman and P. Lynn Hayes

HPO: When dealing with strangers, how upfront should deaf people be about being deaf?

Up Periscope! Fix Sick Pix Picks Quick!

Peggie’s Cove: Here and There, by Peggie Parsons: Ulf Hedberg: Adventures in the Vaults (first installment)

Readers’ Responses: Do you think that Senator Bob Dole, who opposes multi-lingual education, will hurt the Deaf community if he becomes President?

Faxview: Should all state schools for the deaf become private schools?

Jeremy Irons under fire (includes report by Beth Prevor/Hands On)

In Memoriam Tom Elliott

Ernie Hairston is featured in Deaf Life Press’s book, Great Deaf Americans: The Second Edition. It makes a terrific gift for a friend, relative, or yourself!