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#101 November 1996

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New kid on the block settles in: DeafNation marks its first anniversary

Under Construction: a first-ever Deaf-theater event makes history (New American Deaf Play Creators Festival), part 1

HPO: Why are deaf people against universal infant hearing screening? Isn’t it a good idea to detect hearing loss as soon as possible?

Beyond the Envelope: Our So-Called “Isolation”

Up Periscope! A New Stamp Act?/Fog Horn Alert!

Readers’ Responses: Is racial/ethnic hatred a problem in the Deaf Community?

Faxview: Oralists claim that they’re the majority-that ASL-Deaf people represent a small percentage of the deaf community. Do you agree?

Shifting the Focus: The Smithsonian Dilemma, by Andrea Shettle


Inside NAD, by Michele Listisard