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#103 January 1997

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“I feel that I’m just beginning”: A tribute to Andy Vasnick

HPO: “Is a kiss on the lips for goodbye part of Deaf Culture? If so, why?”-asked by Sherry Pifer

Peggie’s Cove: Brian Huntington: Patience, Pluck, and Skill

A Few More words: Cochlear Implants in Deaf Children is Genocide

Readers’ Responses: Oralists claim that they’re the majority-that ASL-Deaf people represent a small percentage of the deaf community. Do you agree?

Faxview: Should we be required to carry ID cards identifying ourselves as deaf or hard-of-hearing?

“The Right Thing to Do”: Illinois gets new deaf commission

Two not-so-small political victories; Magnet School charter okayed (Colorado)

Inside NAD, by Michele Listisard