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#108 June 1997

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Faking It: How a hearing woman fooled thousands of people into thinking she was Deaf-and how she was unmasked by a Deaf reporter (Holly Daniel’s Saturn commercial and ad)

Indiana School for the Deaf: Looking back, looking forward (Program for Distinguished Parents, Teachers, and Alumni of the Modern Era)

HPO: I’ve noticed that deaf people stare. Why do they do that? Don’t they realize that this makes hearing people uncomfortable?

Peggie’s Cove: Zhou Fang: From Shanghai to the Potomac

Readers’ Responses: Is ASL to blame for Deaf people’s problems with reading and writing?

Faxview: What do you think of Holly Daniel’s invented sign for “Saturn”? Is this acceptable ASL?

How the White House Really Treats Deaf Citizens: two first-hand reports by Leah King and Joan Cassidy/NVRC Update “

When hospital policy is sick