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#120 June 1998

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Revisiting the Revolution: DP+10 photoessay; excerpts from Dr. Elisabeth Zinser’s speech, “Back to the Future, Ahead to the Past”

Book Review: Full Face: a Correspondence About Becoming Deaf in Mid-Life, by Claire Blatchford

HPO: “What concerns, problems, or suggestions do deaf people have that are directly related to law enforcement?”

Up Periscope: Introducing our new advice columnist…”Dear Gabby” will explain it all for you!

Beyond the Envelope: What would hearing people think?

A Few More Words: Cultural Invasion: the Way of the Borg, by Rafael Sedano

Readers’ Responses: Should Congress have the power to decide which TV programs will be closed-captioned?

DeafView: Do deaf people worry too much about what hearing people think of them?