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#154 October 2008

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Lead feature: Martin Ritchie breaks into the high-pressure world of modeling and TV

HPO: What was the Babbidge Report? And did it really call oral-deaf education a “dismal failure”? (part 2)

Deaf Person of the Month:
Jason Yeh

Deaf People in History:
Frances Woods, professional dancer, the deaf half of the “Wonder Dancers” duo

Moments: John Yeh, Viable’s CEO, is honored by Maryland’s Gazette of Politics and Business

Deaf Person of the Month: Jason Yeh, Viable’s Vice President of Technology, is on the cover of Fortune Small Business

Update: William E. “Dummy” Hoy is not included on the Hall of Fame’s 2009 ballot of old-time players, and there won’t be another election until 2013

DeafView: Does the Deaf Community have political clout?