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#018 December 1989

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Highlights of the Year: Prime Time, Caption Time; Statewide relay services; Dr. Robert Davila: heads OSERS; The DEAF WAY; Gallaudet’s year of celebrations; ADA; CBS’s Deaf Soap Opera; pocket-sized TDDs

The Way I Hear It (#7): “As I Speak…”

HPO: Are Deaf people visually sharper than Hearing people?

Book Review: Benefits for the Hearing Impaired

Improve your foreign language…English! Flaccid

DEAF LIFE Plus (first installment); lead story: “Kevin Nolan Runs Again!”

Also: Inside NAD, Captionwatch, Deaf Sports & Fitness, Sex Q&A, All about Vitamin A

TDD Connection: Telephone sales fraud

Understanding the Law: Traffic tickets

The Constitution and You: Article I, Section 3