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#065 November 1993

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Cathy Noble: the first Deaf campus-police officer

The Biggest Ever: Deaf Awareness Week ’93 (New York City and Holmdel, New Jersey)

Bridging the gap between ASL and English: a preview of Meeting Halfway in American Sign Language, by Bernard Bragg

HPO: Are all Deaf people really so tactless?

Signs of the Month: Animals, part 1

Faxview: Do you feel that this international symbol for “deaf” looks like “handicapped”?

“Very well qualified” (Oh, sure!), by Debbie Holt/Austin Statesman-American “

Shakespeare’s poetry-in motion, by M. Kathleen Wagner/Rochester Democrat and Chronicle “

Networking, learning, & having a bit of fun: the 1993 Conference on Student Development, by Rick Norris

The Road to Acceptance, by Bill Graham

Poem: “Don’t Give Up Signing,” by Taras J. Dykstra

The TTY Connection: A Voice for the Deaf/Fax Relay Services: a new idea